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The demand for party and limo buses is higher now more than ever in states like Atlanta among many others. People are increasingly hiring limo and party buses for special occasions like wedding anniversaries, high school prom, birthday parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties etc. Although the demand for limo and party buses has increased sharply, most people don’t know the most important things to look out for when renting such vehicles. If that sounds like you, don’t worry. No one is born knowing how to choose a party bus. That’s precisely why we have come up with a list of the most important tips to consider. Forget about the countless tips you have come across online. These tips are the most important.

1. Get proof of permits and insurance
It’s important to note that not all party bus companies you see out there have the necessary permits and insurance. In fact, most party and limo bus companies masquerade as professional companies when the truth is, they aren’t. Permits are important because they act as proof that you are renting a bus that is mechanically sound with all the necessary permission to transverse specific areas. Insurance is necessary for obvious reasons i.e. in case of an accident; you, your belongings and other parties in the accident are covered. You shouldn’t be carried away by convincing marketing campaigns. Get proof of all the necessary permits and insurance before renting any party or limousine bus.

Lenoxbus company offers you proof of all necessary permits and insurance.

2. Go through the cancellation policy
This is another top party bus rental tip you must consider. Every single party bus has their own unique cancellation policy highlighting what should happen in case of any unforeseen eventualities i.e. what happens when you cancel your limo bus reservation unexpectedly. Most party/limo bus companies allow rescheduling or charge a small cancellation fee before they dispatch a chauffeur to you. Make sure you read the cancellation policy in detail to avoid surprises.

3. Go through the food and beverage policy
This is another policy you must go through before you rent a party or limo bus. Food and beverages are inevitable for a fun limo or party bus experience. It is however important to note that there are guidelines and limitations on the same. For instance, most party bus companies provide certain types of foods and beverages on-board. If you want anything outside the normal offerings, you must make plans with the company or bring your own and pay a small fee i.e. corkage fee. Going through the food and beverage policy helps avoid unexpected fees or missing your favourite food/beverage.

4. Enquire on the amenities
You must also enquire on the amenities offered by different limo bus rental companies since different companies offer different amenities on their buses. The best companies will offer just about any amenity you can think off in a party bus from fiber optic lighting to dance poles and disco balls. You should go for a company that offers amenities which match your own tastes and preferences and those of the people accompanying you. Party buses are all about having a party experience while travelling. The amenities on board must therefore match or even surpass your expectations.

5. Have everything in writing
After considering all the above information and settling on every single detail including the price and route, make sure you get a written booking confirmation that highlights everything you have agreed upon among other important information. The written booking confirmation should contain information such as the type of limo bus you are renting, the route/s you will use, agreed rate, time for drop-offs and pick-ups, deposit amount among other relevant information. It is important to get such information in writing to be able to solve disputes easily.

If you follow the above tips to the letter, you shouldn’t have a problem renting a party bus and having a memorable experience with your friends or family. Although there may be many other tips to consider when renting a limo or party bus, the above tips are the most crucial.

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