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Welcome to Lenox Bus, LLC. Your #1 Shuttle bus company in Austin, GA. We have a large fleet of shuttle buses capable of meeting all your Austin Shuttle bus needs. If you’re looking for the best bus shuttle in Austin TX, look no further. Our extensive fleet of shuttle buses will cater for all your shuttle bus needs. CALL US NOW on (512) 214-1009.

We have different capacity shuttle buses that can cater for both small and large groups. We can even customize the seating capacity to offer you more space. When you choose Austin shuttle buses, capacity will not be a cause for concern. Feel free to browse our shuttle bus selection now to identify a suitable bus for you and your family and/or friends.

Lenoxbus doesn’t compromise on comfort. All our buses are fitted with comfortable leather seats offering ample legroom and luggage space. We also offer variety in regards to seating arrangement as well as the overall shuttle bus services. Feel free to call us today to get more information on what we can offer you. We will offer you highly customized shuttle bus services that meet your needs perfectly.

Here’s what you should expect when you hire us

Shuttle bus services by capacity

We have shuttle buses ranging in capacity i.e. between 15 and 70 seater shuttle buses. Check out our fleet selection to choose a suitable shuttle bus for you and your family or friends. You can CALL US NOW to get advice on the best shuttle bus in terms of capacity. We have shuttle buses which can carry between 15 and 35 people comfortably (low capacity shuttle buses).

Such shuttle buses are ideal for relatively smaller groups in need of shuttle buses which are comfortable and spacious. Our low capacity fleet of shuttle buses also offer more luxury since there is more space for full size coach seats and added luxurious amenities. The shuttles buses also offer more storage space making them ideal for groups which want to carry a lot of luggage without compromising comfort.

Our low capacity shuttle buses are also cost effective. If you want to ride in the most luxurious but cost effective shuttle buses in Austin, DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT Lenoxbus Company. We offer the most luxurious and cost effective way to transport small groups of people over shorter journeys within Atlanta and its environs. Our capacity shuttle buses carry between 35 and 70 people. This buses are ideal for large groups of people going to an event i.e. weddings, conventions etc. If you need that kind of a shuttle bus to transport you within and outside Austin, give us a call today.

You can also contract Lenoxbus Company if you need specialized shuttle buses in Austin i.e. shuttle buses which offer wheelchair access. Unlike our competitors, we care about everyone in society including the physically challenged which is why we have customized some of our shuttle buses to ensure they allow easy access to everyone. We even have wheelchair spaces on some of our shuttle buses. Our specialised shuttle buses feature steeples entry, low floors, special tracking as well as wheelchair restraints.

Find out more by sending as an email to Our support staff are always happy to answer all your questions.

Shuttle bus services by occasion/event

Our luxurious and comfortable Austin shuttle buses are idea for almost all occasions/events that involve small to large groups of people. If you are planning occasions/events like school trips, group and team outings, night outs, sporting events for small to large groups of people, CALL US NOW on (512) 214-1009. Lenoxbus Company offers the best Austin shuttle bus transport services.

Our buses are fitted with the necessary safety features i.e. seat belts, airbags, speed governors etc. to ensure your safety. We also offer customized services to our customers on request to make their occasions/events extremely memorable. You shouldn’t therefore hesitate if you want group transport to any event/occasion including weddings and funerals. Our shuttle bus Austin services are highly customised to meet the most unique needs of our clients.

Furthermore, Lenoxbus Company hires highly skilled and trained drivers. Our drivers are also friendly and reliable. If you care about reaching your event or occassion in time DON’T HESITATE TO CALL US NOW. Lenoxbus Company has a reputation of offering seamless, safe and luxurious shuttle bus transport services in Austin.