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Before you decide to book a charter bus, it’s important to know what a charter bus is. It’s also important to differentiate between charter buses from party and limo buses.

What is a charter bus?
A charter bus can be defined as a bus hired by an organization or a person/s to transport people to a certain location. Charter buses are usually run by private companies like us Lenox bus, LLC as opposed to public transit agencies. Typical charter buses have amenities for ensuring comfort i.e. reclining seats, air conditioning, entertainment systems etc. Charter buses are typically used for corporate/business travel.

What is a party bus?
A party bus is a bus that is specifically designed for recreational purposes. Party buses are made from conventional buses or coaches but modified to carry at least 10 people for recreational purposes. Unlike charter buses, party buses have disco floors, fancy lights, dancing poles etc. As the name suggests, party buses are like party houses/discos on wheels.

What is a Limo bus?
Limo buses usually feature a limousine interior with a bus exterior. They also tend to be longer than your typical party bus. Limo buses are perfect for people interested in party buses which are customised to look like limousines in the interior. Limo buses have more interior space than typical limousines.

Since you already know the difference between charter, party and limo buses and it’s clear why you would want to book a charter bus i.e. for corporate/business travel, let’s shift our focus to some important considerations before you book a charter bus.

Important questions to ask your charter bus company

To be able to book the best charter bus for you, you need to ask your charter bus company a number of questions. Below are the most important questions to ask;

1. How many people can your charter bus/buses hold?
The best charter bus for you should be able to carry everyone comfortably. Before you choose a specific charter bus company, you must ensure the company has a charter bus that will carry everyone comfortably. At Lenoxbus, we have many charter buses capable of meeting all your capacity needs. Feel free to enquire.

2. How far does the charter bus go?
This is another important question to ask considering different charter bus companies cover different regions. The charter bus company you choose should be able to take you anywhere you want to go. If you need to cross state lines for instance, your ideal company should be able to allow that. Choose us today for all your charter bus needs within Atlanta and neighbouring environs.

3. What is the cost?
You also need to find out the cost. This question is very important because it will help you compare the cost of different charter bus companies.

4. What amenities does the charter bus have?
The best charter bus company for you should offer you all the amenities you need and more. When assessing whether the cost is fair, consider the amenities you are getting from each charter bus company to carry out an accurate assessment.

After getting the answers to the above questions, you shouldn’t have a problem comparing different charter bus companies. Ideally, you should choose a charter bus company that charges fair prices, offers good amenities, covers many places and lastly, has buses capable of carrying everyone and their luggage comfortably. Although there are many other things you should consider i.e. stopovers, driver police etc., the above information is adequate enough to guide you on the right path when you want to book the best charter bus.

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