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Renting party buses has become the in thing today. This can be attributed to many things the most notable being the fact that many people are tired of typical house parties. Many adults are renting party buses today for bachelor, bachelorette, wedding and birthday parties. Many parents rent party bus in Atlanta for their kids to celebrate birthdays, prom and graduation.

It is however important to note that renting a party bus doesn’t guarantee you a time of your life if you don’t have a party idea. If you are planing on hosting or facilitating a limo bus party but you don’t have any ideas on how to make things fun and memorable, you are in the right place. Below are 4 fun limo bus party ideas bound to make your experience fun, exiting and unforgettable.

1. Set a theme

Parties (including limo bus parties) are more exciting and fun when they follow a certain theme especially one that your guests can relate to. A theme that goes with the type of party you are hosting is also important. A 70s, 80s, 90s theme is perfect for a limo bus party for adults since vintage outfits are easy to get/put together. They are also fun to wear. You can also include 70s, 80s and 90s memorabilia in the bus i.e. movie posters to enhance the theme. You could even choose to play classic or old music that resonates with the times.

In regards to themes for a kids party, you can use cartoon characters or superhero themes for a children’s birthday party hosted in a limo bus. It doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. Having a theme will help you create uniformity and give the party direction and more meaning. A theme will also make the party more memorable.

2. Hire an entertainer

You could also consider hiring an entertainer to make the party more lively. For a children’s party, you can hire a magician, story teller, a kid’s entertainer etc. to keep the kids engaged and entertained throughout. For an adult’s party, you can hire an exotic dancer, a deejay, acrobat, magician etc. Entertainers complement the entertainment in the limo bus. They will keep you and your guests fully engaged and entertained the entire time.

3. Incorporate activities

You can also choose to engage your guests in a limo bus using card games, karaoke, dancing among other engaging activities. Limo buses are very spacious. You and your guests don’t need to sit all the way doing nothing. Having Karaoke and dancing sessions will definitely spice things up and keep everyone engaged and entertained. You can even incorporate miniature golfing in your limo bus experience. Both kids and adults enjoy miniature golf. You can hire a miniature golf kit or request your party bus company to provide one.

4. Cruise to exciting destinations/events far away

Limo buses are simply party houses on wheels so you need to utilize their mobility to get the best out of the entire experience. In fact, limo buses are perfect for road trips to exciting destinations like Las Vegas. The buses are also perfect when going to exciting events like weddings far away with a group of friends.

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